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Edge Of Fusion

First project of MetaWizArt is now on sale!
Edge of Fusion A.I. Series
Edge of Fusion NFT project is an upcoming P2E Game project planned to be on Metaverse.
Edge of Fusion series is produced by a corporate company called Metawizart Inc.
Edge of Fusion AI series NFTs are designed through a completely different workflow, and in terms of the use of AI servers, each character is one of a kind.
NFTs are configured through unparalleled codes, which gives the true essence of uniqueness.
The total supply number of the Edge of Fusion AI collection is 1.000 pieces.
This number of these NFTs are supporting their holders with many advantages such as
using it as a whitelist pass in the upcoming projects and gaining roles in our community.
AI Collection will be launched on three platforms, each one is different from one another.
Edge Of Oxygen (Opensea) 1.000 pcs.
Edge Of Helium (Opensea) 1.000 pcs.
Edge Of Hydrogen (Binance NFT) 1.000 pcs

Edge Of Fusion

First project of MetaWizArt is now on sale!
You can gain various advantages from our upcoming projects and also from Edge of Fusion’s further batches by becoming a member of our community.
This project will allow its early supporters to have access to MetaWizArt club, access to the ecosystem, one of a kind access to the other projects by bridging between each other.
Each of these projects will gain value by itself and act according to their communities.

Edge Of Fusion

Edge of Fusion is a 3D NFT project and also the 2nd batch of the 2D version which takes its place on Ethereum blockchain with thousands of original and unique design,
produced and printed by a corporate company, Metawizart.

Edge Of Fusion Metaverse Game

We are getting prepared to create the Edge of Fusion Metaverse game. Edge of Fusion members will have the opportunity to be a part of its own ecosystem, as well as own rights to upcoming Metaverse projects.
The supply number of the first character, Luke Storm will be 10,000 pieces as NFT’s and will be available for sale on the market.

About Edge Of Fusion

Edge of Fusion is a play-to-earn and NFT project that takes its place on the Ethereum blockchain with an original and unique design produced and published by the corporate company

The project and characters are individually crafted for the owner with the latest technology. Edge of Fusion characters go through highly detailed procedures on 3D software and have unique features such as colored ears, noses, faces, and different stylized entities.

The Edge of Fusion game and NFT project will be produced in 4 phases and will be broadcast on the ERC721A network.
Phase 1 (artificial intelligence) 1,000 unique and high rare AI NFTs made with AI.
Phase 2 10,000 unique and highly rare 2D NFTs.
Phase 3 10,000 unique and highly rare 3D NFTs.
Phase 4 web3 play-earn metaverse game.

1.2.3.stages ready and on ERC721A network with smart contracts.It will be released in stages.All projects support each other and when the game project comes to life, it will offer special opportunities to its owners.

Edge Of Fusion
A.I Nft Project

Edge Of Fusion A.I NFT Official Site

Edge Of Fusion
2D Nft Project

Edge Of Fusion 2D NFT Official Site

Edge Of Fusion
3D Nft Project

Edge Of Fusion 3D NFT Official Site

What is MetaWizArt?

We are digital artists and magicians of the digital universe

We have been waiting for these changes for so many years. We were dreaming in the late 1990s and early 2000s, if real life and digital life interact someday in the future?
Yes, we are in those processes now and we see projects and initiatives beyond our dreams.
We believe that there are many visionary people who will carry real life and digital life to a better place, which is one of the most important step for the future of our children and humanity is technology.
For many years, we have devoted our lives to the field of information and technology. That’s why we loved playing computer games, working with computers, writing code, creating by doing 2D 3D modeling,
watching movies with 3D visual effects, watching anime, we loved Back to the Future, the matrix, avatar, star wars and ready player one the logic of these films did not seem very far to us.
The Metaverse universe is the beginning of the universe we dreamed of, so it’s time for us to take the stage. We are digital artists and magicians of the digital universe, it makes us MetaWizArt…
For detailed information, you can review our white paper and roadmap.


Modeling & Animation

Visual Effects (VFX)

Unique NFT

Game Design

 MetaWizArt Team


3D Generalist


Co, Founder
Computer Engineer


Character Modelling And Shading


Game Economy Designer


3D Artist (Character rigging)

MetaWizArt Raodmap And White Paper

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